Attention Whores

We all know them…. we all hate them: The people who can’t get enough attention. Whether it be good or bad, they gotta have it; like junkies. Social media has made their lives so much more fulfilling, and your life ever more miserable. I’m not sure which chromosome is responsible for their desire to be … [Read more…]

Laura’s Favorite Story

So a couple of years ago, Wade bought me a fantastic coat for Christmas: It’s big and fluffy and warm. It looks like it’s made out of a grey Big Bird. I LOVE this coat. The girls now just call it The Bird Coat, although, I think it looks more like a sheep LOL. The … [Read more…]

“What does your husband do”?

So let me set the scene: One of my male clients (whom I really enjoy), and whos hair I’ve been doing for a couple of years, was getting a haircut. We’re chatting about the rando stuff that we always talk about: how’s work… what’re you doing for the holidays, etc. He asked me what my … [Read more…]

Maiden Voyage

Hey there! Let me just start by saying that I don’t really know what a blog is all about, but I’ve been told for YEARS that I should do one. So here goes: I’ll just say a bit about myself so we’re all on the same page: My name is heather. I own a salon … [Read more…]